Designing the Next Stage of the Global Accrual Journey


Event Context

The Public Sector Standard Setters’ Forum supports IPSASB’s strategic objective of strengthening Public Financial Management globally through increasing adoption of accrual-based IPSAS.

Specifically, it provides a vehicle for discussing critical standard setting issues and building relationships with and between national standard setters (who are developing and maintaining accrual standards and guidance) and IPSASB.

The 2017 Forum was a major input to the development of IPSASB’s draft Strategy and Work Plan (2019-2023). Following the publication of the final version of the new Strategy and Work Plan in February 2019, the third Forum will particularly focus on discussing its implementation.

The overarching purpose is to involve participants directly, both in scoping the IPSASB’s new guidance projects and in planning activities to raise awareness of IPSAS and the benefits of accrual adoption. 

Event Outcomes

By the end of the Forum participants will:

  • Understand and feel bought in to the IPSASB Strategy and Workplan and have contributed to shaping the new projects and initiatives within it. 

  • Be more up to date on the progress and development of current IPSASB projects and other work.

  • Be more aware of the projects other standard setters are working on, the issues they are facing and how they are dealing with them. 

  • Be more informed about current initiatives of international organisations and national bodies which use accrual information to enhance PFM and have considered how these can be used and adapted for their own use.

  • Recognise and buy in to their role as a conduit for communication between IPSASB and local standards’ implementers, especially in supporting the implementation of the Strategy and Workplan.

  • Have identified projects or areas of work in which they would like to be involved.

Although there is some updating and education in the event, much of the time will be spent in discussion, seeking the views of attendees on the implementation of the Strategy and Workplan, while planning how they can move their organisations and countries forward on their own accrual journeys.